Released: August 5th 2016 | WIGLP348X

This deluxe edition LP contains:

  • Boy King on black vinyl.
  • Bonus 7” features two additional tracks from the ‘Boy King’ sessions.
  • MP3 download card with a download-exclusive companion piece, comprised of demos, previously unheard acoustic versions and aural sketches assembled by the band.

On their fifth studio album, Wild Beasts rediscover the uneasy awkwardness that characterised their earlier releases. Gone is the quiet reflection of 2014's Present Tense and in its place is the sound of a band who know once more what it is like "to be pissed off".

Comes with an MP3 and WAV download card.

Side A
  • 01 Big Cat
  • 02 Tough Guy
  • 03 Alpha Female
  • 04 Get My Bang
  • 05 Celestial Creatures
Side B
  • 01 2BU
  • 02 He The Colossus
  • 03 Ponytail
  • 04 Eat Your Heart Out Adonis
  • 05 Dreamliner
Side C
  • 01 Last Night All My Dreams Came True
Side D
  • 01 Maze
Side E
  • 01 Boy King Trash